Potatoes with white truffle oil

Potatoes are one of the most transformable ingredients in the world. You use them for summer
and winter dishes, for appetizers, first or second courses and can be combined with any ingredient
or seasoning. Today we present the potatoes with white truffle oil. A simple and delicious dish.

Here’s how to prepare it:

Put the potatoes to cook in a pot full of cold salted water, and from the boil cook for about 20 minutes.
Drain the potatoes, let them cool a bit, and then peel them and cut them into thick slices about half a
centimeter. Melt some butter in a rather large pan over medium heat, and add the potatoes, cooking them
until golden brown. Once cooked, garnish them with a drizzle of white truffle oil SICANIA . Add salt, pepper,
a handful of cheese and season everything with a few drops of lemon

Enjoy your meal!

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