Tagliatelle with eggplant and ham

A perfect recipe for any occasion. It is an easy dish, tasty and very quick to prepare.
Eggplants are perfect for any occasion, as a first course on Sunday and if you have guests sunday, if you have guests or simply to enjoy with the family.

Pasta with eggplants and ham is a good alternative when it comes to a dish that is simple, tasty and simple, tasty and with few ingredients, and of course, as always, there are variations.

• 400 g Tagliatelle
• 1 Eggplant
• 120 g Cooked ham (diced)
• 1 Clove of garlic
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Parsley
• Salt

Boil the water for the pasta. Wash the eggplant well and cut it into small cubes. In a frying pan, brown the garlic clove in oil. Add the eggplants, season with salt and fry over high heat for a few seconds. Cover the eggplants with a lid.

When cooked, add the cooked ham and a handful of chopped parsley. chopped parsley. Cook the tagliatelle, drain them al dente directly in the sauce pan. Add another drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and, if necessary, a little of the pasta cooking water. Add a little of the pasta cooking water if necessary.

Stir in the Tagliatelle with Eggplant and Ham. Stirring well.

Instead of tagliatelle, you can use any pasta format you like.

Instead of cooked ham you can use bacon or sausages.

If you want vegetarian eggplant tagliatelle, you can omit the ham.

Instead of eggplants you can use zucchini or peppers.

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