Spaghetti with frozen Clams

Sometimes we just need a few little things to turn a simple dish into a delicious one.
Today we propose you a spaghetti dish with frozen clams that tastes really amazing. It is important to take into account some small precautions, which we will explain in detail, and to add some flavorings to enrich the taste. Frozen clams are always at hand, they keep for a long time in the freezer, just take them out and prepare the recipe.

• 350 g of spaghetti
• 200 g clams
• 1 clove of garlic
• olive oil
• curry
• salt
• chili pepper
• parsley

Immediately put a pot with plenty of water on the stove to cook the spaghetti and quickly salt it. In a frying pan, prepare the clam sauce for the spaghetti. Put the extra virgin olive oil in the pan, turn on the heat, finely chop the garlic and add it to the hot oil, leave it for a few seconds before adding the still frozen clams. Cover and let the clams thaw over medium heat. Turn the clams occasionally to make it easier. At this point the clams are completely thawed, add a pinch of curry powder, the chopped chili and some parsley, let it cook for a minute or two and turn off the heat, it is okay if there is a lot of liquid left, we need it to finish cooking the pasta.
As soon as the water boils, add the pasta, which does not have to be drained as usual, but before it reaches boiling point, remove it from the water and add it to the pan with the clams, so that the last few minutes of cooking are done with the clam broth.
If necessary, add a little more pasta cooking water and let the pasta finish cooking: little by little, a delicious yellow sauce will form (it is not all oil), but rather a sauce formed by the starches in the pasta being diluted with the cooking water, and the yellow color is from the curry. At the end, with the heat off, add more parsley, serve and share with a good Amarticos’s white wine.

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