Spaccatelle with Sicilian pesto

It is a Sicilian pasta seasoned with a sauce based on fresh tomatoes, basil, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and garlic.

• 360 g of spaccatelle pasta
• 2 round black eggplants
• 1 bunch of basil
• 400 g red tomatoes
• 1 garlic clove
• 850 g whole roasted almonds
• 100 g sun-dried tomatoes
• salt and pepper
olive oil

Wash the eggplants and roast them whole on a grill. Let them cook until cooked: prick them with a fork or press them with your fingers and check if they are soft in the center.
Once cooked, cut them in half and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Prepare the eggplant cream: put the eggplant pulp, the evo oil, the basil leaves, salt and pepper in the blender cup.
Blend with the immersion blender. Cut the skin off the tomatoes and blanch them for 10 seconds. Drain, peel and remove seeds.
Cut the tomato pulp into small pieces. Prepare the Sicilian pesto: in a blender, put the garlic, the chopped fresh tomatoes, the dried tomatoes drained in oil, the fresh basil, the whole toasted almonds, a little oil and salt.
Blend until you obtain a cream. Cook the spaccatelle in boiling salted water for the necessary time. Drain and mix in the pan with the Sicilian pesto. Serve the pasta on a bed of eggplant cream.

Ready! Enjoy our delicious dish accompanied by a glass of Amarticos soft wine.

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