Pasta with Tuna and Peas

Pasta with tuna and peas is a quick and easy recipe, ideal for lunch or dinner every day, try it, it is an authentic and delicious Italian recipe.

• 100 g spaghetti
• 80 g canned tuna, drained
• 75 g fresh or frozen peas
• 0.25 onions
• 50 ml white wine
• olive oil to taste
• fine salt to taste
• chilli to taste
• parsley to taste

How to make pasta

1.- In a large frying pan, sauté the chopped onion with a little olive oil. Once the onion is golden brown, add the onion, add the tuna well drained in oil and fry over high heat for a couple of minutes.

2.- Add the peas, season with salt, chilli and a little white wine. Once the alcoholic part of the evaporated wine has evaporated, add half a glass of water and cook the sauce for about ten minutes.

3.- When the peas are cooked, turn off the heat and season with plenty of chopped parsley.

Cook the pasta al dente in plenty of salted water (I chose spaghetti), then drain it directly into the pan with the sauce. Stir the pasta for a couple of minutes in the sauce, adding a little more oil and a drop of pasta cooking water.

The pasta sauce is ready!!!

Enjoy your pasta with a glass of Amarticos white wine.

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