The Group


Our group has more than 25 years of combined experience among its companies and its operations, offering security and support, characterized by its efficiency and transparency with its clients.


Our job is to give the Brands or Products that we represent, a correct Start-Up with our Importer customer, ensure that the correct Marketing methodologies are met in order to carry out a New Product, the support through us and the Producer is constant from the moment the negotiations begin, we constantly study the market to know the behavior of the markets, we also do Marketing through various means continuously to support the growth of our brands.


Our service model is B2B always personally attending our clients in the region, in this way we can support the growth of the brands, as well as always watch over their interests.

We offer all our customers the best product directly from the producer with which we have commercial agreements for annual volumes making the prices very competitive, we have available OWN BRANDS, REPRESENTATION BRANDS and  however, we also offer PRIVATE LABEL.

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