Calabrian Eggplant Frittelle

The “frittelle di melanzane” is a simple and tasty dish, typical of the summer months of Mediterranean cuisine.

Ingredients (4 persons)

• 1 Kg of eggplants
• 4 eggs
• 400 g bread
• 100 g Parmiggiano cheese (or Grana Padano)
• 2 garlic
• Basil
• Pepper
• Salt
• Oil and olive oil

How to make it:

Cut the eggplants with the skin in pieces and cook them in abundant water for 30 minutes.

Drain them very well and let them cool.

After removing the seeds, crush the eggplants and put them in a bowl.

Add the basil, the finely crushed garlic, the parmiggiano (or grana padano), the eggs, salt and pepper.

Mix all the ingredients well, the dough must be soft and compact.

We take a little of the dough, form a flattened ball as in the photo and fry it in abundant oil.

You can learn how to prepare this dish in the Parmiggiana workshops offered by Fabbrica dei Sapori.

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